The donkey is colic – The story of the decline of the United States Postal Service

I live in what is supposed to be the greatest nation in the world.  The biggest, best equipped military, incredible infrastructure and one of the oldest most advance Postal Services in the world.

Yet, I can not get my mail.  Why?  Good question.  Last week I did not get my mail.  When I called, I was eventually told on Monday that the “truck” had broken down and that for two days they had no way of delivering my mail to my Post Office (I have a P.O. Box).

The next day, I STILL was not getting all of my mail.  I FINALLY reached Ms. Sweat and even her supervisor and was informed that they have cut staff and that the main Post Office for my area is running on a skeleton crew.  Basically, I will get my mail when I get my mail.

Today, Ms. Sweat is off and her supervisor does not take my calls.  Mail still has not arrived at my Post Office.  I suspect that they have gone back to riding donkeys and their new excuse is that today it had colic.

For several years service at the USPS has gone from bad to worse.  I have had major thefts in the mail, delays in receiving packages and mail and an overall attitude that no one cares.  Even the District Office has a recording that they are busy, to call back tomorrow (Why don’t you call it and see if YOU can reach someone: 212-330-3667)

I don’t live in a tiny town in the middle of Anywhere USA.  I live in New York City, Manhattan.  The “capital of the world”.

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